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Knowing the feelings I experienced when in my Ultimate Performance Zone; the next key step for me was trying to attain these feelings every time I stepped onto the tennis court. On this form, ratings of interview performance in given competency areas can be recorded and combined to give an overall look at a candidate’s strengths and weaknesses and, therefore, his/her suitability for the target job. More flurries can be expected Monday but again we are not expecting any significant snow. It will remain very chilly in this time frame with temperatures Monday and Tuesday only in the teens during the day and 0 to 10 below at night. Here in the Pacific Northwest we run 36, 12, 4 and 4/3 km resolution forecasts twice a day on clusters of commodity-off the shelf–processors (Intel Nehalem cores). We had mentioned the return of the “evil empire” or more technically speaking the return of a mid-latitude upper ridge in the eastern Pacific and a tightening of the jet stream above this ridge. The European ensemble has been holding out and is flooding the nation and even New England with Pacific air for much of that week. This sets the stage for what I hope will be a bit of excitement late this week as a more organized hybrid clipper-pacific impulse tracks quickly across the country.

So the stories of the Troubles and the indomitable bloom of the country surpassing them have intrigued you. Two major ensemble packages have diverged in recent days on handling the pattern toward the middle of the all important month of February. The summits have been whitened once again thanks to snow showers over the last few days but the January batting slump continues into early February in spite of much colder weather and a generally supportive pattern. Most importantly, the track of this system, assuming no major changes over the next 4 days or so will have the spine of the Green Mountains getting snow Thursday night into Friday. These types of systems have been known to do favors for MRG in the past but we are not getting enough now. Not getting clippered enough ! The first such system is weak and much of its moisture will be rung out over the Appalachian Mountains.

With severe storms likely to flourish in those areas, some of that moisture will make it to South Canada. Two additional clipper systems will track through the Great Lakes but the Jet Stream is likely to guide both to the south and east thus making it difficult for any moisture to work its way in our direction. Rain will stretch from coastal areas in the Northeast to farther south where it will be accompanied by thunderstorms and strong wind gusts, the weather service said. As a result, precipitation could be a wintry mix of sleet and freezing rain or could just be plain rain. Right now looks like the Boston area could be ground zero with 12in plus of snow. In fact another storm system looks like it wants to materialize around valentines day. A couple concerns arise with this fact coupled with other forecast elements. The unique weather forecast algorithm has access to thousands of weather stations. Considering those elements, below is the official Weather Centre Canada Tornado Forecast.

As such, it is a good sign for those hoping for some stormy weather that the GFS is sniffing out such a possibility in this January 23-27 timeframe. What makes it stand out is its combination of various stats into an interactive map, allowing you to see information you want together on one map. I will probably post a snowfall map late tonight and zone in more on exactly where I think those amounts will occur, so keep checking in for updates on this up until Friday. We are looking at an event that would start on Friday morning and last until the evening. I mentioned yesterday that Friday was starting to look promising for the threat of some decent snow and my idea has become more solidified since then. For all of these reasons and the amount of snow referenced above, Winter Weather Advisories are in play as soon as 4 p.m. Right now the National Weather Service runs a global model at roughly 25-km resolution, and regionally at 4-km grid spacing. If there’s a comfortable pair of fall or winter boots you have your eye on, now is the time to splurge on them.

The tundra species normally consumes invertebrates and aquatic vegetation underneath the waterline, however, the declines of the food have created a shift in the winter to mostly grains and cultivated tubers left in the farming fields. The most important of these teleconnection indices, the Arctic Oscillation (AO) was negative for much of the winter and significantly negative in March largely contributing to the generally positive favorability index. In this graphic, we see a depression in the contours over Japan, as well as a swath of red positive vorticity values, indicating the presence of a storm system. The American ensemble package has the pattern reverting to a positive PNA regime by the 13th and thus has colder weather back in the picture quite quickly. Regardless if this storm pans out as I expect, Feb is looking more and more promising for winter weather in terms of the overall weather pattern. Djokovic as the Australian Open winner will be looking to take the next step towards a Grand Slam.