10 Things You Need To Know Today

The FBI is treating this week’s fatal shooting at a New Jersey kosher grocery store as an act of domestic terrorism, federal and state law enforcement officials said Thursday. Dr. Joseph Okori, the WWF African Rhino Program Manager said, “This is not typical poaching.” These sophisticated poachers utilize helicopters, night-vision equipment, tranquilizers and gun silencers to kill rhinos in reserves without attracting attention from wildlife law enforcement patrols. Several of us have built bridges in the area of weather prediction, and this week the Weather Forecast and Research Innovation Bill was signed into law. Recently, the Weather Research and Forecasting Innovation Act passed the Republican-controlled Senate and House with overwhelming support. I have talked to a number of Republican staffers on critical House committees who told me that since they control the “purse” they could protect most of the science establishment. Let me end, by saying that there is nothing wrong with marches against the current administration or the current Republican leadership in Congress.

Congress has not passed a budget yet, so there is little information about what cut-backs or rebudgeting will occur. Which Site do you use for your Hurricane Information? So have a march, but don’t use science as a cover, and don’t put science at risk. Demonstrably wrong, but few protested this obvious distortion and politicization of science. During the next few days the low center will move southward, leaving a ridge of high pressure over our region. Perhaps not a major thaw but a few days where temperatures sneak back above the freezing mark. The weather is nice and hot (15-30 days above 30°C or 86°F) in the summer so you can enjoy traveling and visiting the beach. Long gone are the long summer days when the weather was warm enough to spend the entire day outside. Dry and temperatures reaching the upper 40s F each day. Dry and relatively warm conditions will dominate.

I won’t be out marching on Saturday, but I will continue my science outreach using this blog, my radio show on KNKX, and talks at local groups. Speak at local libraries, in schools, and fraternal organizations. Or the claims by NY Govenor Cuomo that Hurricane Sandy was the result of climate change. A good reason to have climate scientists enhance active outreach into communities doubting the science. Experiments proved the approach effectiveness with an excellent prediction and a good tracking. A good example was the sensational and unsupportable claims of the Obama administration science adviser (John Holdren) that eastern U.S. For example, climate research funding went up substantially during the last Bush administration. What is to going to stop anti administration signage? The techniques used by the National Weather Service (NWS) for making river and flood forecasts have been changing in recent years (Sittner, 1973). Conceptual watershed models are replacing previously used empirical procedures. It dropped close to 30 centimetres of snow in some areas, even as the weather system weakened and headed toward New York and Pennsylvania, the National Weather Service said.

Racial responses appear similar on a national and seasonal level, but there are differential responses on a regional level. Well, there is a solution to those problems. There are words to describe such inaction, but this is a family oriented blog. Try to figure out what they are marching to change. Instead of marching and being seen as opponents of the current administration, scientists and their supporters would be far more effective if they greatly increased their outreach to the community, communicating both the process and results of science. 1. Forecasters will spend much more time nowcasting, providing a new generation of products/warnings about what is happening now and in the near future. So, here it is: the simplest possible form of providing your with a gold price prediction – a chart with the likely price path for gold. Even in the Garden of Eve, market value likely dipped in price after Adam bit into the apple.