What Will They Be Like?

This will leave Israel out in the cold in many meetings in the region where Israeli officials are not officially welcome. As I said above, the system will leave the Rockies in the midst of a brief PNA phase change, from negative to positive. At the same time there are positive temperature anomalies on 850 hPa in northern Asia for positive AAO‐DJF years (not shown). Whatever happens, I have enjoyed the interactions with many of you over the years. Drones would be deployed into the areas that have been difficult to reach and very remote locations and data they gather will be integrated into weather prediction models. A day later I got an email from Steve where he said that the regular weather segments would be terminated. This went back and forth for a while and I asked to see both Steve and Katy to talk it out. If this were to verify, we could see extreme cold in much of the nation- something that winter-season farmers may not want to see.

Keeping your antifreeze at the proper levels is vital at any hour of the year especially in extreme temperatures. So we had somewhat of a truce for a year or so, until a few weeks ago. Remember that I had never talked about non-meteorological issues more than a few times a year at most and I AM a scientist-educator. But they remained adamant–if I talked about education topics there was no place for me on KUOW. I asked why–she said there were several complaints from the UW Education folks and that it was against “journalistic ethics” to allow me talk about such issues. “He asked it to play music, and it did,” she said. La Nina is expected to persist throughout this tornado season, and that will play quite a factor throughout the summer and spring. We expect that some authors will cook up a new doomsday date, at some time during the 2020’s, and start beating the drums in the near future for a new Armageddon.

In fact, during the past year, the time they allowed for my segment has progressively decreased, so that I rarely had enough time to coherently complete even my local weather explanations. Anyway, because they ran out of time in the first segment, they moved me to right after the 10 AM news–during the “week in review” segment. He is the travel guy who is on KUOW all the time. This feature highlights Japanese robotics expert Hiroshi Ishiguro, who creates human-like androids. You would think that Steve and Katy would consider their viewers who have enjoyed learning about local weather. If you have enjoyed what I have done in the past and wish it to continue, perhaps this can be turned around. But something else was more important–their wish that I remain “the weekend forecast guy”. Last weekend I wrote an email to Steve, saying that I would try to work with them, but I could not guarantee that I would never talk about any other subject but the weather forecast. My other option is to try other approaches: perhaps a podcast on my blog or moving to another radio station. For me the essence of local public radio is to serve as a focus for the discussion of local issues.

Remember–this is public radio. Their argument–that as a “regular” I was essentially part of KUOW news and thus I could not give my opinion without someone else providing the other side. I noted that I am hardly part of the KUOW news team, clearly indicated my opinions were my own, and they let other “regulars” give their opinions on all sorts of societal issues. And why wasn’t my talking about math issues a problem for the previous decade? They make you aware of the unforeseen issues and problems and provide you with the best solution. Hope, the above-mentioned factors will help you to find the best screen doors according to your need. This suggests that we miss around one-third of transcription factors. Johnson today laid out plans for his first 100 days in office and insists he will “get Brexit done” by Jan. 31. Catch up on all the day’s events here. And there was more talk about how the UW was rejecting great in-state students so that inferior out of state students could be accepted for big bucks.