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The island receives an average of 3.4 inches of rain per month, but with distinct peaks and valleys during the year. One of the most well known natural indicators of rain coming is the cow that lies in the fields. One advantage to riding in the helicopter is that after taking in the incredible vista from high above the rims, the group can then descend more than 4,000 feet down to the bottom, to partake in picnics or other activities. The Japan Meteorological Agency (JMA) not only narrows down the typical 500 millibar geopotential height anomalies, 2m temperature, 200mb wind speed etc. patterns that occur by MJO phase, but also divides these into individual months. WIDESPREAD STRAIGHT LINE WIND DAMAGE. So hang in there, the finish line is in sight in terms of nice summer weather returning. The nice weather should hold until Sunday where we might see another frontal passage which could mean more showers.. The above graphic might appear intimidating, but in reality it’s rather simple. It might sound complicated, but it’s really the same thing as analyzed in the first two graphics of this post: in that bottom panel, cooler (warmer) colors represent areas of enhanced (suppressed) convection.

The location of areas of enhanced and suppressed convection are about the same as in the general composite graphic shown first. It is the first contact you will ever have with a company, and as such, it needs to be perfectly done. Stay tuned for a few sneak peaks here and there as I begin to discuss the factors I will be monitoring! There is just so much art you can do indoors and out. In this case the expected effect of a marker is a non-linear function of the data such that apparently small effects are regressed back almost to zero and consequently these markers can be deleted from the model. This graph uses the same chart set-up and parameters as the one before, although this time instead of the ECMWF model and its ensembles, the CFS model and its ensembles are displayed. He later realized that it would be less expensive and easier to use drones for the same purpose at a much more reduced cost. One of the important advantages of hiring reputed plumbers is that they will commence their projects on-time and complete the same well before the stipulated time.

If the MJO is shown to be in that middle circle, it means the oscillation is too weak to definitively assign a phase to, and thus may not be a primary driver of the atmospheric pattern at that time. Its always nice to see a high pressure center to our west north west because it means the air flow is from the north which is naturally cooler. This ensures that your dog stays nice and warm and cozy, plus even in the windiest storm, your pup won’t get cold and wet. UK is getting ready for a prolonged cold spell and freezing weather seems set to return to the country. Australia also experiences the enhanced convective activity in Phase 5, mainly over the northern section of the country. The Bureau of Meteorology in Australia has created these composites over three-month windows – for our purposes, we will use the May-June-July window so as to be centered over June.

El Nino has returned, and over recent weeks has been gathering strength. The graph also gives an idea of the strength of the MJO – the further it is from the circle in the center, the stronger the MJO is within any given phase. Reading the graph is relatively simple. There are a lot of Las Vegas helicopter tours that land at the bottom. Although most people planning to catch a glimpse of the award-winning Torch or participating in the community activities are in a habit of checking on the weather, often they are disappointed when the actual weather doesn’t harmonize with the predictions. A long range weather forecast always helps understanding the upcoming season and therefore scheduling the event accordingly. We already know from earlier that a Phase 2 MJO event corresponds to enhanced convection in the Indian Ocean region, and this bottom panel is just reiterating that. Phase 3 again sees an eastward shift of enhanced convection, now firmly into the Bay of Bengal and the broader majority of the Indian Ocean, more focused on the eastern half of that body of water.