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We should run our regional model driven by the next generation of global climate models (CMIP-6) and add physics variability and different start dates to get a wider range of solutions. This version of the GFDL model shows a pretty cold start to winter. With winter forecasted to stay cold and energy cost to continue to rise you could pay for your new blinds in savings in about a year or two. December 14-21: The cold pattern that kicked off December should have receded by now, and may very well give way to a warmer than normal pattern. Precipitation anomalies are set up in accordance with the first few weeks of the month, with a wide, rather uncertain swath of above normal precipitation stationed over the Plains, Midwest and Great Lakes. Over 2500 trucks said to have been stranded in Nagrota-Sidhra Bypass and Udhampur-Dhar Road area. These people have set the pattern for accurate predictions. Depending on upcoming stratospheric developments, this timeframe may or may not see an active weather pattern. Other areas of the nation are too uncertain to delineate, but we will most likely see precipitation anomalies outlined in the first days of the month.

Temperatures for the month of December will most likely be determined by the first week or two of the month, with significant cold weather anomalies across much of the nation. Average conditions may prevail over the Southwest before slightly above average temperatures show themselves along the West Coast. Southwest: Warm, Possible Below Average Precipitation. Plains: Warm, Possible Above Average Precipitation. South Plains: Warm, Possible Below Average Precipitation. Northeast: Average Temperatures Average Precipitation. Temperatures ought to vary from frigid conditions in the Plains, where the Arctic air will originate from, to cold weather in the Midwest and cool conditions in the Northeast. Weather underground “Wunderground”. This app is a great overall forecast and current conditions app that uses data from stations nearest you or selectable manually (go to the map and click on the station). PLEASE MONITOR PRODUCTS ISSUED BY YOUR LOCAL NATIONAL WEATHER SERVICE FORECAST OFFICE. There are no significant signals of either active or non-active weather for this period, so the forecast for this timeframe will follow that of the previous week, but is highly uncertain. Have you given any thought to what benefits there are in having a greenhouse in your backyard? I believe simulations like those shown above will provide major assistance to a society that will have to adapt to a certain amount of climate change.

Something that should be watched in this GFS forecast shown above is that high pressure system off the coast of the Southeast US. As the storm system moves east, wind shearing will increase to a good 60 knots, easily sustainable for tornadoes. As the system progresses east I expect storm totals to be enhanced by some lake effect snow by Lake Michigan and a Lake Erie/Lake Ontario combination out in the Northeast. Watch out for a winter storm during this timeframe, which may affect the Midwest or East Coast based on the early week teleconnection patterns. MAINLY TO THE NORTH AND EAST OF THE CENTER. THE CENTER OF EMILY WILL BE NEAR THE COAST OF HISPANIOLA ON WEDNESDAY. Tropical Storm Emily has resumed her track westward at about 12 MPH. It appears Emily has slightly strengthened, with winds now at 45 MPH. December 1-7: It appears possible that there will be another outbreak of Arctic air from Canada into the United States.

By the way the Olympia cold temperature last night was almost equaled by a location in Skagit County..the Sakuma Farm AgWeatherNet site with a temperature of 5.6F. They probably grow ice lettuce there! There are energy and environment ministers from almost 200 countries at the COP25 climate meeting in Madrid this week, and they share one common language: the jargon of carbon diplomacy. The UK, too, is braced for snow this week, but nothing close to the scale seen in the US. The rest of July and August is yet to be determined for snow cover, but right now, I’m not that bullish on negative NAO prospects. IDC estimates that by 2018, nearly one-third of the top twenty market leaders in almost every industry will experience disruption generated by IoT. Never a boring day but I had an experience that I will never forget. WITH HIGHER GUSTS. SLIGHT STRENGTHENING IS ANTICIPATED DURING THE NEXT DAY OR TWO. This has been going on for nearly two thousand years. Some of these include camping, hiking, spending time at a lake, going to the beach, playing sports, and so much more! We will have much more for you in our 5:00 update. Have you tried MoWeather yet?