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The next weather system will begin to impact the area tonight, with thunderstorms developing, mainly over the Cascades. The impact of high‐rise buildings is considered. However, because all I am confident in is the presence of a storm in the mentioned regions, I don’t think now is the appropriate time to make calls on precipitation. Finally, now the model problem part of the blog. Diagnostic Checkup: If your A/C isn’t performing as well as it should, professional contractors will track down the problem before it turns into an expensive replacement. The model has picked up on both the Rillito cold zone, as well the foothills banana belt. Additionally, the statement emphasizes that the Catalina foothills (generally north of the Rillito Wash extending up to Federal lands) are in the watch area. Make sure you don’t drive on flooded roads if you live in the area. I am hopeful that we will make important improvements. Personally, I think it’s a good idea to combine the two and use the GFS forecast above (which will definitely change in coming days). While the GFS has been juggling the position of this storm system, it has been forecasting a strong storm system in the general East US on Thanksgiving.

This is likely to be the most accurate forecast for this system if we rely on the LRC, but any East US forecast with a strong storm system could verify if we use only the East Asian theory. Theory points to gaps in our knowledge and thus helps in filling them up. It has been shown that there is a 6-10 day gap between what happens in East Asia and what happens in the East US. So, if we use this forecast (valid November 13) and apply the 6-10 day gap to it, we end up at November 22, or a day or two from Turkey Day. So, to me, the situation seems generally confusing, aggravated by imprecise graphics. I can not find any graphics that show the actual, current delineations of the freeze watch area. This evolution would result in an area of thunderstorms over the Cascades in OR gradually pushing north into WA this evening and overnight.

Early morning showers again, mostly across northern portions of the metro area. But, this zone is known as a “banana belt” for its warmer morning temperatures during the winter. Negative means that the neighbors are warmer than Sea-Tac, which you would expect since they are farther inland and generally south of Sea-Tac (which has some cooling influence from the Sound). In this internet driven era, there are two main platforms or operating system in the market. As you can see in the above forecast, there is a lot of color above the pink line. To see this graphically, here is a model plot of the total moisture in the atmosphere at 11 PM last night. I, of course, like to see the models do well, but my most important job and that of UW graduate students and research scientists, is to note model failures and try to fix them. If you look in the top left corner of the image, you will see a strong trough present in East Asia.

The GFS is forecasting a pretty strong storm system to be present across the Midwest/Great Lakes on the morning of Turkey Day. This complex chart is then studied to present a very specific profile of a native’s personality, life, romantic relationships, economic and other future prospects. Future prediction by birth date is used in Astrology to determine what the future has in store for you. Inverter generators create less sound than conventional generators. The model forecast of accumulated precipitation for the event started at 5 PM Sunday (see below) got the pattern quite correct, particularly the huge amounts on the western side of the Cascades and the rainshadow over Puget Sound. But it underplayed the amounts at Quillayute and the western side of the Olympics. With such huge amounts of precipitation falling in a short period, the rivers had to respond. This image shows precipitation over a 12 hour period, as well as MSLP lines. Any precipitation above that line would be snow, and precip.

The 3:33 am forecast discussion above seems to indicate that the freeze watch has not been continued due to uncertainties. This is due to their dependence on the data provided by weather measuring equipment installed at airports and other public venues which might be located at a large distance away from one’s current location. Space: Horses need a large fenced area-one acre per horse-and a stable with hay for bedding. Your valuable and fragile possessions need insurance to protect them from accidents and give you the peace of mind. They are my favorite flower and I love the smell and scent they give off. Pressure differences are the result of changing temperatures. Finally, graphic at bottom is from the 06 UTC forecast from the WRF-NAM model and shows 2-m temperatures forecast for 7:00 am tomorrow morning. If you’re concerned about low temperatures the next couple of mornings, you have to rely mainly upon local experience during similar events.