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But is that true now? Looking at that observed MT chart shown above, we see that the net MT is now below average, as the black solid line shows. Multiple such urbanization/development issues at locations around the world, and it is clear that it can obscure the true background temperature change signal that we are looking for. The psychic may state that in the spirit world, people may be renamed to match their true nature, or are called by many names. It is divided into one thousand units called millibars. Shown above is a graphical representation of a phenomenon called the Walker Circulation, also known as the Walker Cell. Composite images of both the positive PNA and negative PNA are shown above, courtesy of NCSU. An additional description of the GWO comes from the ESRL, as shown in the screenshot below. Importantly, in that screenshot description image, we see that the La Nina-like stages indicate a trough in the Western US.

If we look at the first GWO image we discussed, as well as the screenshot description of the GWO, we can see what defines these key phases. If we look at the composite image above for a negative PNA, we see that warm weather tends to prevail in that sort of situation. In the same sense, when the 30 day sunspot number is anomalously low, the PNA tends to reside more in its positive phase. If we look back at the sunspot image, we see that the 30 day sunspot cycle is just off the charts, indicating a very high number of sunspots, or at the very least, elevated solar activity. For example, if the GWO is to be in Phase 1, we would look out for negative mountain torque (MT) values, as well as enhanced tropical convection in the Indian Ocean. We see that negative mountain torque and convection in the Indian Ocean is a key definition of these first three GWO phases. How do we know for sure that we’re in the Phases 1-3 of the GWO (which are traditionally La Nina-esque phases)?

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Satellite observations of temperature above the surface are a bit less problematic, although they have their own issues (like calibration of replacement satellites). And instead of diffusing the tension, senators and congressional representatives in Washington have been fueling it. In a real predictor, we’d probably have a larger table and use more bits of branch address, but in order to fit the table on a slide, we have an index that’s only 6 bits long. If we use our solar correlation with the PNA, we may be expecting the emergence of a negative PNA regime in the near future. This fits in well with the GWO description we went over earlier, the presence of the La Nina Walker Circulation, and the East Asian correlation tool. This graphic shows the layout of the Global Wind Oscillation (GWO), and what factors indicate the presence of the GWO in one of a possible eight phases.

Overall, this does indicate the La Nina phases, also known as GWO phases 1-3, strengthening that correlation image, as well as the Walker Circulation discussion. The ECMWF model has the NAO changing phases twice between November 16 and November 21st. As you weather junkies may know, storm systems can be favored in the Northeast and along the East Coast when the NAO is changing phases. This is the American weather service’s GFS model, a forecasting model that is always in a tight race with the ECMWF to see which is better. As I’ve mentioned on this blog before, there is a known inverse correlation between the 30-day sunspot cycle and the Pacific-North American index (PNA). Typically, when we see a trough/stormy weather in the West US, we get a consequential ridge of high pressure in the East US, which is a textbook negative PNA pattern. The National Weather Service appears to be favoring the NAM model / warmer forecast, even though morning observations in the Dakotas and Minnesota support a more GFS-like evolution.