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As a university of the first rank, Pacific Lutheran University seeks to maximize the achievement of its mission and become an internationally renowned model of the New American University, purposefully integrating the liberal arts, professional studies, and civic engagement. Why is Pacific Lutheran University Selling KPLU? Amazingly, in this environment, leaders at Pacific Lutheran University and the University of Washington have decided to kill the valued, substantial, and award-winning news operation of KPLU. And no attempt was made to allow KPLU to raise money to save itself, which could well have been done. This week we learned of a secretly constructed deal in which KUOW, using surplus pledge money and loans from the UW, will purchase KPLU, destroying a valued local radio station and its independent news operation. KPLU will no longer exist, with its news operation being terminated and the jazz part retained in a future KUOW jazz outlet.

Program director Jeff Hansen believes that folks only will listen to short segments (no longer than 5 minutes), which is not a little insulting to the highly educated KUOW audience. This blog will describe why this deal is not in the best interests of our region, how KUOW is poorly serving its listeners, and why it is not too late to stop this ill-conceived agreement. So WHY are they selling? There are quite several plug-in devices such as electric water kettles, fans, and coffee makers. Wind waves depend on the strength of the winds, the distance the winds are blowing over the water (the fetch), and the length of time the winds work on the water. Naini lake is famous for Boating, Water Sports, photography And Sightseeing. There are plans to add an unproven NAM-RR system (Rapid Refresh system using the inferior NMM model) that will waste huge amount of resources.

It goes without saying that at the start of each working day, chairs and desks must be cleaned so that there is no dust and dirt left on them. At least 1 responsible adult must accompany up to 15 minors. Model guidance is advocating a potentially significant outbreak of colder than normal weather in the eastern 2/3rds of the country for the last several days of December. Typically it takes a few hours to a few days for the driving ICs and LBCs to reach dynamical equilibrium with the internal model physics in RCMs. Consider what has been happening at KUOW the past few years. In few ways was PLU better engaging the community then through KPLU. Go to the facebook pages of BOTH KPLU and KUOW: essentially all the comments are highly negative. Although they contribute significant stories at times, their staffs are small, generally quite young, and lack long-term experience with the region.

One might be willing to consider this sale if KUOW had a good track record in providing good local coverage or was dedicated to informing the region about important issues. Far less depth in covering major local issues. One fact is clear: the depth of media coverage of local (Northwest) issues has been radically reduced over the past ten years. KUOW has eliminated long-form programming where issues could be dealt with in depth. One would also feel better about the deal if KUOW was committed to greatly increasing its local news and regional programming and in the process hiring most of the KPLU news staff. “Speaking of students, KPLU utilizes the talents of PLU students year-round. “Year-round, KPLU demonstrates its commitment to providing compelling, informative and entertaining content, mentoring students, strengthening its connection to the community, and furthering the mission of KPLU. Was is because PLU would gain a relatively new building, built for KPLU with substantial contributions from the community? Importantly, although there is an agreement between PLU and the UW, no legally binding document has been signed, which means this can be turned around if local public radio listeners act now (more later). The home of Microsoft, Amazon, the UW, Boeing, Costco, and so much more.

Faculty at the UW, as noted on the AAUP (American Association of University Professors) listserv, were disappointed that the UW administration did not reveal this was in the works. It is extraordinary that this deal, regarding a very popular local PUBLIC radio station, was done in complete secrecy, and even more amazing that a state university felt the need for such a clandestine approach. Without revealing the prior negotiations to the public, PLU has agreed to sell KPLU to the University of Washington’s KUOW for 8 millions dollars: 7 million in cash and 1 million in underwriting announcements. Of the 7 million dollars, 4.5 million will come from KUOW’s “reserve”–which means the cash they have piled up from pledge drives. During that year the rate was annual heat exhaustion rate hit 15 per million (so about 100 in the State for entire year). With the advancement in technology, evidence was resubmitted to the Indiana State Police lab to check for any new results, but those tests produced no new results. In some locations, wind will gust to 60-80 mph–as strong as Hurricane Sandy–while 20-30 miles away you will barely feel a breeze.